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September 29, 2010
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The Swede and the Scot by MissRoxieGraves The Swede and the Scot by MissRoxieGraves
One day, I'll edit faces and actually make them look okay. But in the meantime I've got this.

So, quick story behind it, I was googling a hat and found this, which I immediately imagined on Sid as he is a Chelsea fan. I showed it to ~-kitsune- and said Sid would SO wear that, probably all throughout Winter, and she said Sid's husband Gabby would fucking hate that thing. I, on the other hand, love those hats. So much.

So I had to doll him in it.

But I had to doll Hal in one of those first because whatever dolling outfit idea I have, I must try it out on him first. I do not know why, at this point I just sort of go with it. <_<; But I think that outfit really works on him and his twiggy body.

Thus here they are. I had planned on dolling Sid's husband and maybe Damien looking at them with "why the fuck are you wearing that in public" looks on their faces, but I couldn't be arsed to finish two more dolls.

I can never make Sid look his age either, he's 36 and... well, let's just say he's not exactly model material at this point, scars and eye-wrinkles. At least I could make him look as tall as he is.

The base is by Silindor, edited by me.
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So beautiful. SO SO BEAUTIFUL. Seriously I get all giddy when you post things. THEY ALWAYS MANAGE TO BE MADE OF EPIC WIN.
Sid's coat is perfect. The hats are perfect. Hell the whole thing is perfect.
I love Hal's itty bitty studded belt, it is marvelous. (I can't even mention his neck scarf in fear of epic flailing.)
Thank youuu omg I get all giddy when you comment on my stuff, how's that' :D

I'm glad you liked the wee belt, I think it's actually what makes his outfit. Besides the ushanka. xD
XNoivilboX Sep 29, 2010
They're so adorable XD Haha, is that weird to say I wonder?
Hal looks so angry ;]] And Sid's just like "haahaaa~"
I have to agree with Cedars, Hal is pretty epic in that outfit XD Although both of them still make me smile like an idiot anyway. <3
Nah, I don't think it's weird to say. It's very flattering :] Thank you <3

It's good to see I at least got their facial expressions right, that's just what I was going for. :P
XNoivilboX Oct 7, 2010
Awww well I'm glad to flatter you then <3 You're very welcome!
Hahahaha, then you got the facial expression's perfect. Sid's little smirk-ish expression is so subtle, but it is definitely there. ;]]
Oh how I love subtlety XD
LieutenantSheesha Sep 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
HELL YES! I have an ushanka and it is the best thing ever!
If you need a proper aged version, I might give it a go. My characters always end up looking older than they're supposed to be...
I have one too! I can't wait til it gets cold here so I can wear it again.

That would be great :] I love how you edit faces, I think Sid would look pretty epic if you did. :D
LieutenantSheesha Nov 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This comment is a month old, but I've just been storing it in my messages until I've had the time to work on it-- and now I do!

Do you think you could send me a note with all the information I'll need on the character? Physical appearance, as well as personality (since body language is a big part of my base choice).
Oh, that's fantastic! :D I'm excited now. I'll note you right now. :)
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